"I Need You Now"

farah mira

:: عضو فعّال ::
19 أكتوبر 2012
محل الإقامة
"I Need You Now"
I miss you so much, I need you right now
I try to stay strong but some days I just don’t know how
The weeks seem like months, and months like years
I try to hold them back, but down flow the tears
I keep myself busy through out the day
And when I am alone at night I just pray
I pray you stay safe while your serving over seas
At night while I sleep I see you in my dreams
I think of happier times when you were here
When I could kiss your lips and hold you near
I miss your smile and your warm embrace
When I see your name on the caller ID my heart begins to race
Your in all that I see and everything I do
I cant wait till you come back and its just me and you
So baby stay strong and I will do the same
Because to give up on a love like this would just be a shame

!!!!! I love you so much baby