who wanna practise English


:: عضو منتسِب ::
31 جانفي 2012
hi guys !
say welcome for me
I am a new user here and I am so happy to join you all
I am a big English lover
and I would be happy to be friends with all those who love English as well
I don't know how to start here
so let just share with you my favorite site to learn english
it is englishtown dot com
well I have some other interesting materials that I will share with you later
but I liked to start with english town because it is an owesome site where you can get free lessons and get in touch with native speakers from UK and US but unfortunately our algerian community there is just small and concedering the seriousity of people there and the high standing of most of them I would say that it is sad that we aren't massively present there

anyway this is just what comes to my mind when I wanted to introduce myself here , I hope you will like that site and enjoy it

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