the philosophy of life

مغلق ولا يسمح بالمزيد من الردود.
21 أفريل 2010
محل الإقامة


everyone has his own dreams,but no one could fulfil all his dreams
sometimes we feel that even our dreams are not enough to satisfy us as human
the life and its nature are always mark our hopes.there is somthing more stronger than us which is controlling the things
most people lose their inner power and the strong well infront of these challenges
and am from those people who become hopless and sad nothing is perfect this what I had discovered ,even me am not perfect in the way I was looking for
the question is that can I achieve
my dreams or not ,franklly I can not answer this question right now.


Should everyone tell the truth or he shouldn’t ,actually it related to the ones believes and morals .Sometimes telling or saying the truth all the time will bring you trouble to you also, it will end your life or your dreams.
But hiding the truth is easy and it will never cause any bad result on you or people around you.
Consequently, it will be your choice whether to say the truth or hiding it .
According to me as a human I insist on saying the truth whatever is happening .
I must say the truth without any decoration ,but in some occasions I cant say it ,because even saying it will never change the situation.

The dictionary of words

Everyone has his own dictionary this what I had discovered , that most people translate the words and the speech of others in the way they want not like what others means
This amazing me a lot ,shall we translate the words in this way .
What is the benefit of talking if we do this?
How can we communicate with each other if we think and imagine that we are professional in translation and in using our own dictionary.
We must understand words deeply before we judge and translate.


Is happiness something real or it is just in our imagination
Its true that everyone has own way in drawing or looking for the happiness
Some people think that happiness in money ,others think happiness in health and others in fame, education…..etc
But the most important thing about happiness is that it related to the way one think and believe in life
The real happiness is in a good heart and in good deed
Because it will last forever with person if you have a strong faith and believes we will test the real happiness

I wish you many years of happiness

The character

Each one has two sides positive and negative in other words dark side and bright side
Everyone should know these two sides and how can he or she manage the things and evaluate himself in the way that satisfy him
Some people are affected by their darkness they think in the negative way and the by doing this they can damage everything and ruin their hopes and dreams also their health, because as we know all that the way you think and believe is the way you build your point of view and your whole life
Thus, which one of these two sides will be controlling you and give people around you the clear picture about you as a human

:luve_1:The feelings

The feelings is something that related to your emotional and mental sense
It is sometimes ambiguous that you can not translate it in the way you want
Sometimes it controls you and most of times you lose the control of them
It is a mastery that you don’t know when this kind of feelings will end especially when you face a lot of trouble or challenges in life
This what I had felt as being a sensitive girl and being a lonely daughter to my family
Sensitive people will suffer a lot in each single feelings they had
Because no one could appreciate how much we suffer or how much we affected by people's behaviors and attitudes
It is very difficult to ignore others feelings and treat them in un proper way

Human right

Human right is something precious and all people should respect this as a fact and its essential issue especially in these days
We see how many things which is showing how much our life become .Most people lose their humanity they behaves as if they are machines not human .They heart each other by using bad words or even by using their arms as if we are living in a jungle which is full of wild animals
We should know that human right is the most important case that we should all defense about it
Because if you don’t we will lose our dignity as human and as a holly creatures on this earth


The element of success is depending up on your ability in solving and controlling your life
Everyone has his point of view to draw the kind of success he want or believe
But in my opinion success has many field in your body ,soul, mind, relationship, behavior
Thus, the way you build each single action in life you will be the winner
If you build your life on planes of getting success by the way you like and you follow the rules of success you will achieve the stage of life
Finally ,to be a successful person it will needs a lot of effort and work from you to fulfill all the sides of your inner power and its of course needs a strong well

Ill treatment

Ill treatment is considering as a kind of unfair behavior no one has the right to treat people badly in these days we find many kinds of ill treatment and we read a lot of stories in the news paper like for examples: the ill treatment of servants ,children ,children ,woman and animals
Each creature has the right to be respected and to be treated in the proper way
We should be a ware of the dangerous of ill treatment when we treat people as being human and as beings souls we could build the world of peace and love and we could spread kindness among people

:santa_1:Man and Woman:heh:

Woman and man are two creatures whom Allah has created to do certain mission on this earth
When they enter in a relationship like marriage they should put rules and they must respect each other in the proper way for sure they will face a lot of troubles and many challenges during their life
But the most important things is that they must build a strong bridge between themselves and they have to avoid making any kind of misunderstanding in their relationship

Finally , they must remember that they are human and they are equals in Islam

What is love?

Is it a feelings or just a quick desire which anyone could find when he think that he fall in love
It’s the secret of life ,the beauty of natures and the sensitive feelings that no one would appreciate and describe unless he has certain characteristic and predisposition

A true love is something essential to all human because everybody needs love it’s a kind of needs which is building the character and the psychological health of people

As being Muslims our religion is the true source of love because we had a lot of Islamic role in all field of life and treatment which is guiding us to perform the true love


:: عضو مُتميز ::
15 أكتوبر 2009

so nice topic

i like :heh: it so much

hey..girl u added so distinctive lil tall...i wish if u devided it in some parts it 'll be better


i really enjoyed

i'm sorry for u :tears: coz u r lonely daughter..ops..ya may god be with u

but really u talked about important things and i liked the way how u gave ur own piont of view

well done


keep on


باسل الاصيل

:: عضو منتسِب ::
21 أوت 2009
Philosophy of life
This topic a great
And as they say
Everyone has the philosophy

Thank you very much

Waiting for the next
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